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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:29 Hrs

Photo by Dolly Rogers. Cowgirl: Mirte

Dolly Rogers tasty new website

Welcome to our scrumptious new website full of mouthwatering, lip-smacking, fresh and flavoursome new work!

We’ve updated the site with some delectable new design and functionality features, particularly in our Projects section. ← Look left! You’ll notice our work is cleverly presented for visual storytelling, giving you an overview of each project with bigger juicier images of all the detail shots. You can read about every project by clicking the ‘Show info’ link within the Project titles.

The greatest feature is that you can see the best of our work in all screen sizes! So drag your browser window and enjoy the fluidity and motion as the images move and adapt to your viewing preference. Nice hey.

We live the culture we create for and our band has expanded, so we’ve got more content about what’s tickling our passions than ever before. You can follow all our blog entries or choose one particular band member you dig the most.

We love sharing and hope you do too! So if you like what you see in any of the projects or blog entries, just share the love… and spread the word that Dolly Rogers are indeed The best creative folk in town! Or don’t be shy about telling us what you think, contact us.

A huge thanks go out to all the awesome clients and collaborators we’ve been working with over the last two years. We love challenging ourselves and working together with those who stimulate our desire to imagine beyond what we know!

Peace and love,
The band

wetranfer identity design by Dolly Rogers

Wetransfer identity design by Dolly Rogers

Wetransfer launch

The latest work to come out of the Dolly Rogers studio is this fresh identity we designed for the digital platform of a brand spanking new, super fast file transfer service called Wetransfer. The business brains and developing genius behind this entrepreneurial venture is our mate Nalden together with the brilliant folk at Oy Communications.

We were stoked to work together with them on designing the identity and website which has already been listed as one of StumbleUpon’s top 5 rated websites.


Introducing the talented Victor De Bie

The greatest thing about being Dolly Rogers is that we get to work with super nice and extremely talented people, who are our friends. I’d like to introduce you to the talented young Victor De Bie.

He asked us for a website with a cms to showcase his plethora of artworks and accessories, together with his commercial styling work. We’ve just launched  Designed by us fine folks here at Dolly Rogers and masterfully built by Erik Escoffier.

New website for Victor De Bie designed by Dolly Rogers

Homepage for the new website we've designed for artist Victor De Bie

Very Chic

It’s exciting times here at Dolly Rogers with so many new projects rolling in the door. Here’s a sneak preview of the stylish new website we’ve designed for our very talented, very chic artist friend, Victor De Bie. The site is being masterfully constructed by the brilliant “anything is possible” Monsieur Escoffier.

We can’t wait to see it up on-line. Stay tuned for the big launch in September 2009!

Screen shot of the W139 webite @ 6pm 22 June 2009

Screen shot of the W139 website @ 6pm 22 June 2009

How do you write about something that makes you speechless? Okay everyone you have to check out the website for W139 for yourself then you’ll understand the predicament I’m in. Or even better, go to the gallery itself and look at the website. HUH? EXACTLY!