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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:34 Hrs
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Photo: Ge Dubbelman/Hollandse Hoogte

Underground Society

I took a plunge into the depths of Amsterdam’s thriving underground society to watch the show PUT, by theatre group AARDLEK. Created in the construction site of the Noord Zuid-Lijn just beneath the Rokin.

The performance takes you on a time travel through the raw layers of Amsterdam’s underbelly, with upside down gravity defying, acoustic and physical theatre. The resonating sounds of rumbling trams overhead and emergency sirens screaming along the street, all combine to accentuate the storytelling experience. A highly stimulating location theatre production that I can only liken to the spirit of DogTroep.

The Amsterdam Fringe Festival spreads over the city with politically kinetic theatre, sweet-voiced punk, poetic rock violence, self-torturing quests for honesty, inside-out migration theatre, international gems and an uninhibited love!

Foto: Ge Dubbelman/Hollandse Hoogte

Photo: Ge Dubbelman/Hollandse Hoogte