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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:30 Hrs

Surfsperience Dutch beach life

Last weekend I journeyed off to enjoy what Dutch beach life has to offer and opted for a few days of peace, love and happiness at Surfana Festival in Bloemendaal. It was a weekend for lads and ladies, beginner to pro surfers, who are inspired to celebrate the good life with surfing, BBQ, party, camping and good vibes all around.

I’m not really a camping girl, so I made myself a cosy home in the back of a 60’s lime green Volkswagen, which incidentally saved me from getting soaking wet when a storm cloud settled in off the coast in the middle of the night. The next morning the sun broke through and I welcomed a new day with a fresh fruit shake before running up the dunes, taking in the view looking out over the ocean and then diving into the dark blue waves.

Surf Zandvoort is planning another mini surf festival this summer; a must-go for anybody who has affinity with sea, sun, beach and of course, surfing.