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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:27 Hrs

Gello Gello!

My name is Mirte Pauline van der Lugt and I’m the new Dutch native in the Dolly Rogers crew. I’m a 23 year old grasshopper who will be interning my little heart out for the next six months as part of my branding studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI).

This is not the first time I’ve stood eye to eye with the infamous Australians. I got a little taste of Aussie culture while living down-under in Melbourne for two and half years with my Australian bloke Damon. I’m a girl who likes to walk around in heels, but I tend to have a blokey attitude towards life. I like to learn, be realistic, act tuff, get my hands dirty, be positive, get involved and stay open to what or whoever comes across my path. My interests are eclectic and vary from psychology, religion, traveling and history to art, culture, fashion, documentaries and film.

I’m looking forward to the hard work and good times at Dolly Rogers creative town!

Chrissy having a crack at PowerPoint Karaoke while a fellow student films her on her phone. Photo by Morten Årstad.

Chrissy filming a fellow student having a crack at PowerPoint Karaoke. Photo by Morten Årstad

Guest Blogger: Chrissy Styles

In late 2010 we opened the doors of Dolly Rogers HQ to a group of students visiting from Falmouth University.  We were going to write a blog post about the visit ourselves but found out someone had already beaten us to it. One of the visiting students, Chrissy Styles, wrote a fantastic summary of her time at Dolly Rogers on her blog. So we we decided to invite her to share her experience at our office on our site.


Last November, I and 30-something other students from University College Falmouth went on a study trip to Amsterdam visiting design studios. For many of us this was the first opportunity we’d had to visit a working studio and expectations were pretty high.

I won’t lie, after three days of visiting studio after studio, I was getting a little disheartened. I understand that designers are ridiculously busy people and having to entertain a load of students for an hour or so is a bit of a hassle, but if you’re not enthusiastic about your own work, how do you expect us to be? I can’t remember how many slideshows I sat through, knowing that I should be interested but slowly nodding off all the same.

Dolly Rogers were the last studio we visited, and when Chris and Jennette bounced into the room (complete with a ukelele) there was a definite sense that they might be different. Instead of presenting to us, they made us do the presentation. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Powerpoint Karaoke but it is terrifying. Basically you’re given a theme or a prop, a partner, a bunch of random slides you’ve never seen and two minutes to cringe at the sound of yourself talking nonsense about whatever comes to your head.

I HATE public speaking, but I didn’t really have a choice. And although it was possibly the longest two minutes of my life, once it was over I sort of got the point of it. Being a creative is about trying new things, taking risks, and thinking on your feet. It wasn’t so bad, really. I mean, everyone was just as cringe-worthy as each other.

So this is what made Dolly Rogers stick in everyone’s minds. They got us involved, gave us a taste of what it was like to be part of their team and most of all, it seemed like they actually enjoyed having us there – it wasn’t a hassle to them. Although that might have had something to do with the fact that watching a load of nervous students make absolute tits of themselves is, as it turns out, a really really good way to spend an afternoon.

Chrissy Styles.

simulation of app

WeTransfer is an Official Webby Honoree

We are over the moon with the news that our work for WeTransfer was selected as an Official Webby Honoree for the Best Visual Design – Function. Listed alongside Behance, Microsoft’s Bing and Nike+, it’s a huge achievement considering it was launched only four months ago.

Checkout the WeTranfer case study here and try it for yourself here.


Introducing myself

I’m Paul Orzoni, 23 years old, from Paris and the newest addition to Dolly Rogers!
I’ve just graduated in multimedia and interactive design from Gobelins, l’ecole de l’image. I’m here to improve my design and communication skills and share my talents with the coolest studio in town. I’m also a DJ and music composer and can’t wait to spin some tunes in this city! You can check my tracks here and download my last mix there.
Ps: By the way I’m also looking for a room, can anyone help?


Here at Dolly Rogers HQ we recently hosted the first live Powerpoint Karaoke event ever to take place in Europe (that we know of).

We opened our Amsterdam studio for a day to second year graphic design students from Falmouth University, UK. This was not another one of those yawnable events where students sat back and listened to professionals waffle on about their own great knowledge.

No siree. Our unsuspecting guests were posed the challenge to give a 2-minute presentation on slides that they’d never seen before. These rotated without regard for the participants, and they had to give it their all-creative-best to come up with a coherent story AND relate it back to a given theme.

With strict judging criteria such as mileage gained, interpretive dance, karma sutra and wank-o-vation, this was one of the greatest education by immersion experiences… otherwise known as baptism by fire! Check out more photos here.

photos by Morten Årstad

photos by Morten Årstad