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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:31 Hrs

Photo by Phoebe Dawson, thanks babe!

Head first at full speed

I once caught Stephen Fry commenting that skiing was the world’s most pointless activity and that he would rather catch a chairlift to the highest peak, sit in a café and drink hot chocolate with rum all day long. I contemplated his thoughts the other day as I rode a gondola up to the top of Cime de Caron, towering 3200m above sea level. What was I doing here? I looked down at the scar on my right wrist from the year before, a reminder of what the over eager side of me can result in – 2 operations and 6 weeks in a cast.

I stepped out into the cold wind and snow that whipped over the ridge, clipped in and followed the group down the steepest slopes I have ever attempted. Is this another case of me biting off more than I can chew? We descended into the hurling wind and into what I first thought was fog but infact was more snow. “Screw it” I muttered and pushed with all my strength into the infinite white and yeehawed my way down, exactly as I did a year ago when I snapped my arm. I was determined not to make this another case of history repeating itself.

Sometimes the best way to face your fear is head first at full speed.