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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:36 Hrs

Whether it’s work or play, we love to surprise. Each year as a Christmas gift for our clients we send a musical telegram. Last year it was a cowboy and horse playing the singing saw. This year, we put together a dream team composed of the unexpected trio that is my friend Charly, a hip-hop dancer and magician, Eyesful, a didjeridoo player and beatboxer and the talented R&B artist Mar, our master of ceremonies. Their mission was to complete a journey round all of our clients and friends to deliver a special thank you from us in the form of a musical telegram, Dolly Rogers style.

Switch to full screen and enjoy the show!

Copyright All rights reserved by Noord/Zuidlijn

Photo: Ge Dubbelman/Hollandse Hoogte

Underground Society

I took a plunge into the depths of Amsterdam’s thriving underground society to watch the show PUT, by theatre group AARDLEK. Created in the construction site of the Noord Zuid-Lijn just beneath the Rokin.

The performance takes you on a time travel through the raw layers of Amsterdam’s underbelly, with upside down gravity defying, acoustic and physical theatre. The resonating sounds of rumbling trams overhead and emergency sirens screaming along the street, all combine to accentuate the storytelling experience. A highly stimulating location theatre production that I can only liken to the spirit of DogTroep.

The Amsterdam Fringe Festival spreads over the city with politically kinetic theatre, sweet-voiced punk, poetic rock violence, self-torturing quests for honesty, inside-out migration theatre, international gems and an uninhibited love!

Foto: Ge Dubbelman/Hollandse Hoogte

Photo: Ge Dubbelman/Hollandse Hoogte

Emilie Ngyuyen and Euginy Kolesnik in  William Forsythe's 'In the middle, somewhat elevated'. Photo © 2008 Willie Davis

Emilie Ngyuyen and Euginy Kolesnik in William Forsythe's 'In the middle, somewhat elevated'. Photo © 2008 Willie Davis

Getting a rush at the ballet

I have to admit, I’d never experienced an adrenaline rush at the ballet before, that is until I went to see William Forsythe’s ‘In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated’ with electronic composition by Thom Willems.

The current programme at Het Nationale Ballet, Theme & Variations brings together four generations of choreographers in a tribute to George Balanchine, master of modern ballet.

The final piece and Forsythe’s virtuoso ode to abstract dance left me on the edge of my seat in pure captivation. The piece was originally choreographed for the Paris Opera (1987) and is a Dutch National Ballet premiere at Het Muziektheater Amsterdam until April 20.

Knee Play, by Phillip Glass at KlankKleurFestival '07 (photo by Dolly)

Knee Play by Phillip Glass at KlankKleurFestival '07 (Jacob Plooij ~ Violin)

De Spelende Mens

The KlankKleurFestival is one of my favourite weekends in Amsterdam. A bi-yearly celebration devoted to sound and colour ~ and the colour of sound.

You can experience everything from Beethoven sonatas to a performing balloon orchestra.   A collective of more than 50 artists and musicians come together and create a unique fusion of music, art, performance and sound experiences ~ packaged in a colourful collage of mixed media.

I will be there as the official festival photographer, documenting the events on stage and behind the scenes. If you’ve never been to a KlankKleurFestival, make sure you don’t wait another two years to experience it! Check out the festival program at

THURSDAY 11 JUNE – SUNDAY 14 JUNE, Uilenburger Synagoge, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91, Amsterdam.


I love ballet!

My friend works as a spotter at het nationale ballet and got me tix to the general rehearsal of the new performance – the four temperaments. Go! Go! Go! You WON’T  be disappointed…it’s stunning, superb, inspiring. It includes two world premieres and live music performed by Holland Symfonia.