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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:33 Hrs

Trance in my pants

I had my first visitors from England come to stay with me in my new home here in Amsterdam. I wish I could say their sole purpose was to see me, but bigger things were on the agenda, the trance agenda!

Trance Energy is one of Holland’s biggest trance music festivals and boasts some of the biggest names in the trance music scene. I generally don’t listen to trance day to day but I set out to Utrecht with my buddies safe in the knowledge that our client ID&T was behind the festival and believe me, they do festivals in spectacular style. Check out Mysteryland.

The festival was spread across 3 rooms in what I can only liken to an airport that had been gutted of all its chairs, shops and annoying kids and replaced with stomping bass! Each room had its own unique light experience set up which constantly changed throughout the night and blew my mind each time I decided to have a wander into a different room. Check out a little sample of the ‘Play’ room’s light show. The festival attracted people of all ages out to have a good time and dance into the early hours of the morning. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and getting home at 9 in the morning never felt so good.



There’s some things in life you can’t do without. Some cook, others do sport. I do music.

7 years ago I met Sami aka Mihas. At the time I was just starting to make my own beats and he was the first to hear my demo. Our first song was “Tu connais rien du scarla” (You don’t know about the man) and became our manifesto for all our future plans. The song exemplifies the meeting of a true hip hop MC from the suburbs and a little Parisian producer drawing influences from electro, grime and dance.

We strive to come up with popular, urban songs that go beyond “pure hip hop” (you know boom boom tchak). Anyway, we just released “Un état“, our latest music video and are looking forward to our next release, a 20 track mix tape called “Jurassic”, which will be available very soon. In the meantime, check out this interview, recorded 2 years ago, which I especially translated into English for you (so watch it!).

Special thanks to Quentin Brachet , Kevin Lhuissier, Morgan Földi and Sean Knowles

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Mystery Land

Here’s a bit of history about me: I moved to The Netherlands just a little over three years ago, arriving with a small bag full of clothes, a box of dog-eared photos and a few bucks in my pocket to ensure I could get up to some trouble for a month or two. Then I would have to get serious.

In my pursuit of mischief and good times, one of the very first things I did was go to Mystery Land, the largest and longest running dance music festival in The Netherlands. It was an awesome experience and I promised myself that I would go again. This year I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest by the good folks at ID&T, and together with the crew from Goed Bezig, I partied long into the night.

The best way to describe the festival is to think of it like a living breathing city with different tribes occupying different districts, each celebrating their own culture and inviting anyone walking by to get involved. After spending the whole day there I feel like I only tapped into a third of what was going on, which means another visit to the festival is needed, something I’m not complaining about.

Thanks again to the folks at ID&T for hooking up the Dolly Rogers crew.

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At the office I’m always trying to explain memories from my experiences in Paris, my neighbourhood in the 19th district, my mates, our parties. So when I heard that the crew wanted to go to my city to soak up the culture I felt like I had a mission to accomplish. My aim was to make the crew discover “Paname” ~ Paris’ B-side, far far away from the Eiffel Tower and Moulin-Rouge. Co-incidence of the calendar, the chosen weekend also happened to feature “la fête de la musique“, Paris’ massive street event where people play, dance, listen and enjoy music in the whole city.

On our first night we hit 2 clubs, a new one called “1979” and the unmistakable “Social Club” ~ the basement hangout for young Parisian cool cats. To end the evening we enjoyed a suturing walk at sunrise through the city back home. Revitalised by some good bread and stinky French cheese we continued exploring and walked on the “Petite Ceinture” an abandoned train line that goes all around Paris. After going through a Chinese protest in Belleville we ended up at “Le Point Ephémère“, one of the rare legal squats in Paris.

For “la fête de la musique” we went to a block party organised by “Pain O Chokolat“. The main act was 113 and Dead Prez. We enjoyed our time dancing with a large eclectic crowd. To finish our evening we took the last metro deep into the suburbs and arrived at a friend’s house party that was off the hook.

Photo by Sarah Esteje

Photo by Sarah Esteje


LCD Soundsystem

I owe my friends on Twitter a big thank you as your tweets reminded me that I had two tickets to go see LCD Soundsystem. It was a brilliant show where they played their classics with a new rock twist that’s evident on their new album This is Happening. The new tracks got the crowd going and the classics nearly turned the famous Paradiso into a mountain of rubble. If this is their final tour then they went out with style.