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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:35 Hrs
model Nana Prins ~ photo by Lois Cohen

model Nana Prins ~ photo by Lois Cohen

The DR crew was out to see the latest exhibition at Societeit de Sauna on Kerkstraat. The young duo Nana Prins + Ninamounah Langestraat presented a large selection of works including photographs, drawings, short-films and an intimate fashion show. The atmosphere of this one day exhibition conjured up all sorts of mixed feelings of reckless youth packaged as a kind of diary in which cross-trash images collide with innocent poetry. You can’t help but appreciate the generosity and truth in their productions, which is slightly reminiscent of the works of Larry Clark or Dash Snow.


Zaishu now available in Spot Store

Spot Store is a funky new shop and gallery space in de negen straatjes run by really nice people, Tim and Niels.

With a fresh approach of working together with local artists, they present a whole range of design toys, prints, etchings, chairs, crabs, custom sneakers, laptop sleeves and canvases. As well as their own Spot tee’s with original prints, plus labels such as Ontour, Bench and more.

We’re super excited that they asked to showcase our Zaishu chairs from the Amsterdam project, which are now exclusively available here.

Friendly prices and great art. Drop by and see for yourself.

Spot Store, Huidenstraat 30, Amsterdam

Spot Store, Huidenstraat 30, Amsterdam