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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:29 Hrs

Tynke Jeeninga, portrait by Anne Britt

Spinnin’ Yarns

Since working with Dolly Rogers, I’ve learnt the fine art of storytelling. Spinnin’ Yarns is my internship project, telling the stories of people who live, laugh, create, fall in love, explore and share our city of Amsterdam.

My mission was to find out what it is that connects us all emotionally by delving deep into the extraordinary stories of the people that call this city home. Hopping from one side of the canals to the other, I’ve gotten to know the people that make Amsterdam a vibrant and interesting place to live, with its many cultures and ethnicities. I’ve met Melle, a ten year old classical clarinetist; Mr Stift, a sailor who survived WWII; Hollywood Mark who migrated here from the ghettos of LA…plus many more.

Each week a new story will be revealed on Spinnin’ Yarns until the end of July. From these stories I will create a unique t-shirt collection that will be exhibited in Amsterdam for the completion of my internship for AMFI. I will translate each yarn into an illustration to be silk screened on t-shirts and given back to the people who inspired them. And so, the stories will take on a new life form and travel through the same streets in which they were created.

model Nana Prins ~ photo by Lois Cohen

model Nana Prins ~ photo by Lois Cohen

The DR crew was out to see the latest exhibition at Societeit de Sauna on Kerkstraat. The young duo Nana Prins + Ninamounah Langestraat presented a large selection of works including photographs, drawings, short-films and an intimate fashion show. The atmosphere of this one day exhibition conjured up all sorts of mixed feelings of reckless youth packaged as a kind of diary in which cross-trash images collide with innocent poetry. You can’t help but appreciate the generosity and truth in their productions, which is slightly reminiscent of the works of Larry Clark or Dash Snow.


Academy for Men

My first memory of Rhys Ripper is of him always looking like a million dollars when we worked together at a music store many, many moons ago. Now he is the man behind Academy for Men, an online publication that is taking the world by storm. I love this shot taken by Cory White from the latest issue.