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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:27 Hrs

BBQ love

If we were to write the Ten Commandments of Dolly Rogers for sure one would be “Celebrate life and friends with barbecue.”

Without over-intellectualising it, the BBQ is for us the ultimate sharing experience – a decent party combined with the love of a family gathering. For our third edition we invited an eclectic group of friends, clients and neighbours to join us for a good ‘ole fashioned Dolly Rogers style hoedown on our rooftop. We’re talking good quality meat from the markets, marinated in juicy flavours, wood cooked chooks and lots of fresh veges… that’s how we roll!

Everything was prepared with love during the day by “le chef” Chris and his 2 “commis” Charin and Jacob. At 5pm our first guests arrived… the rest is all love, good grub and me on the decks pumping music for the entire neighbourhood. During the night our office transformed into an old-school block party on the roof.

4am, 13 crates of beer later, the last BBQ soldiers are gone… We’ll clean it tomorrow.
Check out some of the pics here.