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Thursday 24 August 2017
10:28 Hrs
Illustration by Victor de Bie

Illustration by Victor de Bie ( for the Museum of the Bohemian

Symphony for All

Alongside Dolly Rogers, I’m also founding partner of The Museum of the Bohemian. We started with a group of friends who shared the simple philosophy that creativity is for everyone, and the more people participate the better our society becomes! So…with nothing more than a shoestring budget and grandiose fantasies of inspiring the world through creativity…we set off on our magnificent dream adventure to build a travelling art Museum…for the people, by the people.

It’s nearly two years on and we have been busy creating, sharing, performing and spreading our Bohemian happiness. For me, one of the most exciting things about being part of such an initiative, is all the inspiring, curious, eccentric, magical, peculiar, exceptional, extraordinary, fantastic, odd, strange, uncommon, unexpected, unusual and wonderfully creative characters we get to meet and collaborate with!

Recently the Museum hosted the March Fourth Marching Band, a mobile big-band spectacular from Portland, Oregon who did a special performance for us as part of their  FUN-raiser tour of Europe to spread JOY TO THE WORLD!! They have performed at Burning Man Festival and other venues they played in Amsterdam included Ruigoord, ADM…oh and umm PARADISO!

As the remarkable composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven explains, “If you want to change the world, you need to break through the expectations of people. Because only when you break expectations and you create confusion, then you create openness. And openness is the only place where contact can take place.”

The Museum moves location four times per year in a big colourful parade through the city. You’re invited to come along, participate, get involved…make and create. ART is LIFE…so let the music of the real world enter your reality!


Amsterdam Vs. Cardiff

Anybody that  knows me knows that I’m one competitive guy. Everything I do I have to be the best or at least beat my mates at it. So the idea of Secret Wars was right up my alley, and apparently also for the hundred or so people that crammed into the Sid Lee Collective Gallery space for the first of three events. Round one was Amsterdam Vs. Cardiff with the home team drawing (sorry, but I had too) first blood. See you at the next event on Friday 23 April!

PS. These pics were stolen from Kriss Créol’s blog. Thanks mate!


On friday night YOUR:OWN gallery opened it’s doors for the first time with a great show from Dutch artist Gijs Kast. His exhibition simply titled ‘SHOW’ sees portraits of people he encountered at various events through-out the Netherlands and Belgium, like a dog show and a ‘strongest’ man contest in Antwerp. With his raw and confronting portrayals he has won the Dutch Design Award in 2009 for Best Illustration. The exhibition is only up until 7 April so make sure you check it out.

model Nana Prins ~ photo by Lois Cohen

model Nana Prins ~ photo by Lois Cohen

The DR crew was out to see the latest exhibition at Societeit de Sauna on Kerkstraat. The young duo Nana Prins + Ninamounah Langestraat presented a large selection of works including photographs, drawings, short-films and an intimate fashion show. The atmosphere of this one day exhibition conjured up all sorts of mixed feelings of reckless youth packaged as a kind of diary in which cross-trash images collide with innocent poetry. You can’t help but appreciate the generosity and truth in their productions, which is slightly reminiscent of the works of Larry Clark or Dash Snow.


Finger Licking Good!

A couple of months ago I attended an opening at the new Streetlab project space at Meneer De Witte and was impressed by the paintings of UK artist Joe Holbrook. So when I heard that he was having a solo exhibition at Sid Lee Collective I was there in a flash. Tender ‘N Tasty is a collection of eight new paintings, four drawings and the coolest rubbish bin I have ever seen. It closes 31 March so get yourself down there now!