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Thursday 30 March 2017
6:44 Hrs

Hello, hello! I’m Lavinia, the new intern at Dolly Rogers. I am Romanian and I left my little country behind to study a Master’s program in Economics at Universiteit van Amsterdam, and to start what I hope to be a long streak of travels  around … well just about anywhere I suppose.

I eat imageboards for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack; I am a massive Redditor and Imgurian, and a 4 chan occasional visitor. My other interests are: street/graffiti art, stage and theatrical make up, photography, board games and last but not least – electronic music! One of the biggest reasons why I picked Amsterdam was because of its music scene: electronic, especially techno, deep house, a pinch of minimal, and a dust of dub & drum. I mix with my friends for fun and I love to curate tunes, so if you’re into the same sound you can check my Soundcloud or YouTube playlists. Or hope to see you at the next summer festivals!

Talk soon.

End log.

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