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Friday 19 January 2018
5:22 Hrs

illustrations by Ninthe Kiemeneij

Will I see you in Brazil?

Creative ideas, friends and social media can actually get you places. Literally. These are the things you learn when you work with The Best Creative Folk in Town.

I’ve been offered an awesome opportunity to paint in the streets of São Paulo, Brazil! My dilemma in these times of crises, is that I need to raise some cold hard cash to get my booty there. So I decided to ask a little help from my friends..and their friends too.

My proposition is to draw your portrait on the streets of São Paulo in exchange for a small pledge. My campaign is called “Will I see you in Brazil?” (Genius, if I say so myself.) And people have already responded with lots of positive reactions….cha ching! They were all like: “Oh yeah, I totally want you to do this.”, and I was like: “Holy crap, they totally want me to do this.” So I’m doing this. I know it is a shame that the government is cutting back their support in the artistic and cultural fields, but at the same time, this pushes us to be more assertive and creative. And that, my friends, is exactly what I am.

So if you wanna be seen in Brazil, you can also make a pledge and for all the dirty details about my project, click here.