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Friday 19 January 2018
5:23 Hrs

HELLO HELLO EVERYONE! I am Ninthe, and I am going to tell you about my first Creative Ties and Mad Hatters Breakfast at Dolly Rogers. Gather around, children, it was quite awesome.

First off, let me talk you through the concept. The Creative Ties and Mad Hatters Breakfast invites a bunch of young talents and industry cats to join each other for a bite and some early morning champagne. This alone made me already fall in love with the concept. The talents from all over the world were asked to wear a self-made tie that represented their personality and work. The industry people were given free range to choose a piece of headwear from the exclusive Dolly Rogers hat collection, supplied by our friends at Visjuweel. Hence you now have a Creative Ties and Mad Hatters Breakfast.

So, the morning was young as I arrived at 7:30 AM. Having to speak to people at this time of day goes extremely against my nature, but one must sacrifice some in order to gain, I suppose. And man, was it worth it! After Dolly herself a.k.a Jennette showed me a warm welcome, we did a little dance in a circle after which I met the wonderful Cowgirl Alice with whom I prepared a lovely breakfast. Jennette was singing through a microphone. Not long after, the first Creative Ties began to arrive. We had Josh & Ben from New Zealand, Caroline from Sweden, Ivan from Italy, Kyoko from Japan, Iris from The Netherlands and Michele, who is indeed a boy, from Italy. We laughed and we admired, we drank and we ate, we questioned and confirmed, gave and received advice. It was a super morning! And a very unusual one. Especially Kyoko’s “phantphant”, that was an item I’d never seen before!

After we had all seen and discussed each others work, us Cowgirls were pretty sure everyone was now ready to go home as a different person. Enlightened, one might even say. This was when I decided to pop the question if I could please, PLEASE, stay with Dolly Rogers forever or at least for some more weeks. And here I am. Today I played the piano and am proudly wearing my GROUPIE tee.

See more pics from the Creative Ties breakfast on our facebook page.