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Friday 19 January 2018
5:21 Hrs

Gello Gello!

My name is Mirte Pauline van der Lugt and I’m the new Dutch native in the Dolly Rogers crew. I’m a 23 year old grasshopper who will be interning my little heart out for the next six months as part of my branding studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI).

This is not the first time I’ve stood eye to eye with the infamous Australians. I got a little taste of Aussie culture while living down-under in Melbourne for two and half years with my Australian bloke Damon. I’m a girl who likes to walk around in heels, but I tend to have a blokey attitude towards life. I like to learn, be realistic, act tuff, get my hands dirty, be positive, get involved and stay open to what or whoever comes across my path. My interests are eclectic and vary from psychology, religion, traveling and history to art, culture, fashion, documentaries and film.

I’m looking forward to the hard work and good times at Dolly Rogers creative town!