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Friday 19 January 2018
5:22 Hrs

Here at Dolly Rogers HQ we recently hosted the first live Powerpoint Karaoke event ever to take place in Europe (that we know of).

We opened our Amsterdam studio for a day to second year graphic design students from Falmouth University, UK. This was not another one of those yawnable events where students sat back and listened to professionals waffle on about their own great knowledge.

No siree. Our unsuspecting guests were posed the challenge to give a 2-minute presentation on slides that they’d never seen before. These rotated without regard for the participants, and they had to give it their all-creative-best to come up with a coherent story AND relate it back to a given theme.

With strict judging criteria such as mileage gained, interpretive dance, karma sutra and wank-o-vation, this was one of the greatest education by immersion experiences… otherwise known as baptism by fire! Check out more photos here.

photos by Morten Årstad

photos by Morten Årstad